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North London Collegiate School Jeju


One of the advantages of being a Boarding School is that weekend time can be used to the full and at NLCS Jeju it certainly is. In any term, an enormous number of trips are offered for the educational benefit of the students both on the island and on the mainland.

These include sports trips, where squads will compete against local and other national schools on a regular basis, and also trips to local museums and sites of interest. At NLCS Jeju we have a thriving International Award, an internationally recognised qualification that asks students to challenge themselves in many ways, but, in particular, to show a commitment to the outdoors and self sufficiency. The International Award team is frequently out at weekends walking and camping around the island and at National Parks on the mainland.

However, trips are certainly not only restricted to the weekends, an enormous number of trips are offered over holiday times, to other countries both near and far. All trips put together by staff must have a clear educational rationale, be that cultural, academic, an understanding of community or international mindedness.

Over the last two years, hundreds of students have benefited from Mexico to Italy, Morocco to Fiji

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VIDEO: Our school
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