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North London Collegiate School Jeju

Offer and Acceptance

Following the Assessment Day(s) all applicants are reviewed and a decision is made by our Principal as to whether or not an offer can be made.

If your child receives an offer you will have to accept the offer and pay a deposit by the deadline stated in the offer letter, returning the Acceptance Form and Health/Medical forms by email.

Conditional Offer 
Occasionally we assess students that almost meet the required entrance standard, however, their assessment data shows a slight gap in knowledge in a particular area. For these students we would still like to make an offer and welcome them to NLCS Jeju, however the offer must be conditional to ensure the student has the best experience at NLCS Jeju. Therefore your child may receive a conditional offer. Conditions may include that your child must be a boarder, have regular academic reviews, have EAL support or other academic support. Students will only be able to join us if they agree to these conditions. The condition(s) will be outlined further at the outcome stage.

Waiting list
When a student is eligible to receive an offer but no further places are available we will place the student on a waiting list. As soon as we are able to move your child from the waiting list we will be in touch.

No offer
Regrettably we are not able to make an offer or waiting list offer to all applicants. Those who are unsuccessful are welcome to apply for the next academic year and take the relevant assessment for that intake the following year.

As a Boarding School, we prefer all our eligible students to join us as boarders. We strongly believe that boarding provides students with a unique and wonderful experience and we want our boarding community to grow and continue to flourish. Therefore those who wish to board may receive offers ahead of those who want to be day students. We may also make boarding offers to day students in the hope they will consider boarding. 

To accept an offer an Acceptance Form, Health/Medical Forms, and deposit are required by the deadline in the offer letter.


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