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North London Collegiate School Jeju


Old North Londoners Jeju (ONLJ)

Students who have studied at NLCS Jeju have a wonderful and unique bond. With over 800 graduates since our first students graduated in 2014, the ONLJ community is wide and stretches across the world. Join the community and reconnect with your classmates today!

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Key Contacts 

Ms.Yuri Shin

Alumni Manager 

[email protected] 


Ms. Shin has worked at NLCS Jeju since 2014 and has met almost every student who joined due to her previous role in Admissions. She is excited to reconnect with students and find out what they have done since leaving NLCS Jeju.

Mr. Peter Kim 

Head of ONLJ

[email protected]

Mr. Kim graduated from NLCS Jeju in 2015 and read Management at The University of Manchester. Mr. Kim lives in Seoul and works as a Consultant at Deloitte.

Your Alumni Team

Old North Londoners Jeju

Our Alumni study at the finest universities and work in the finest companies. Whether you stayed in NLCS Jeju for a year or your whole school career then you are part of the community. This is a great chance to network with fabulous young people who understand your history, your experiences, your hopes and dreams. Let’s get connected!

ONLJ Brochure


We are a network of NLCS Jeju alumni that serves to develop and cherish relationships by building traditions and meeting the diverse needs and interests of our community.


To foster a genuine lifelong global community with a strong will to support one another.


Core Team


Jin Ho (Peter) Kim


Dae Kyung (Danny) Kim


Junhyuk (Bryan) Hwang, Eubeen Yang


Chaeyun (Sophia) Lee, Yerim (Amy) Cha


Jun Kyuoo (Andrew) Han, Jongwon (JW) Lee

Class Team


Changjo Oh, Eubeen Yang


Joon Kyu (Albert) Lee, Ji Yeon (Vanessa) Hwang


Joon Won (Sam) Ha, Jiho Choi


Junhyuk (Bryan) Hwang, Da-Eun (Diane) Lee


Seongjin (Arnold) Kim, Yujin (Tiffany) Kim


Jae Hoon (Victor) Kim, Soyeon (Sharon) Jang


Kyungjn (Jason) Park, Wonyoung (Emily) Park


Heykyo Joung, Jaewoong Chung


Seungho Cha, Sookyong Sung

Global Team 


Seyeon Kim, Chai Young (Lindsay) Leo


Chaeyun (Sophie) Lee, Dong Ho (Jason) Lee


Jungwon (Jessisa) Baek, Yerim (Amy) Cha


Jaewong Min, Yerim (Amy) Cha

Bridge Team


Jun Kyoon (Andrew) Han


Jongwon (JW) Lee


Jooyoung (Sarah) Kim


Da-Eun (Daiyna) Lee


Hyungseung (Max) Ro

Data Manager

Geun Tak (Daniel) Yoo


2018.10 ONLJ establishment

2018.12 Annual Committee Meeting

2018.12 ONLJ Alumni Meet: Grand – Seoul

2019.04 NLCS Jeju Visit & Briefing

2019.06 NLCS Jeju Valedictory participation

2019.06 Arts Festival participation

2019.07 Annual Committee Meeting

2019.09 ONLJ Alumni Meet: Global – Hong Kong

2019.10 ONLJ Alumni Meet: Global – London

2019.10 ONLJ Alumni Meet: Global – Toronto

2019.10 ONLJ Alumni Meet: Global – New York

2019.12 ONLJ Alumni Meet: Class – Seoul

2019.12 ONLJ Alumni Meet: Class – Seoul

2022.6 Arts Festival participation

2022.12.16 ONLJ Alumni Meet: Class – Seoul


Upcoming Events

The ONLJ committee, with the support of the Alumni and Development Team at NLCS Jeju are looking forward to meeting you at one of our future events. Any upcoming events will be communicated by email to the network and promoted on our LinkedInFacebook and Instagram pages. 

If you are hosting an event, what to host an event or have any suggestions, please email [email protected]  



Grad Programme at NLCS Jeju 

We would be delighted to welcome ONLJ students to apply for the next Grad Programme and work at NLCS Jeju. See last year's recruitment information here.

Share Your Expertise 

If you would like to mentor our students, visit NLCS Jeju to give a lecture, share job postings at your current organisation or give advice and guidance to our new graduates who are joining your university, please contact us today.

Keep in Touch

We always love to hear from our alumni. We are proud of each of you and are keen to hear about your lives after NLCS Jeju. Our current students also benefit from the knowledge and experience you have, and we would be delighted if you returned to provide talks and information sessions on your university experience and career path.  We also enjoy seeing so many of our alumni attend key events such as Arts Festival or receiving video messages for us to play at Valedictory. Or maybe you just want to arrange a tour and take a walk down memory lane, in which case we would be happy to accompany you and hear your stories. 

Contact us today to stay connected! 



Alumni and Development team - [email protected]

Marketing and Communications - [email protected]

Arts - [email protected]

Pastoral - [email protected]

Sixth Form - [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]

UGC - [email protected]


 E-Mail: [email protected]\

Alumni Website


 ONLJ Facebook 

 ONLJ LinkedIn

Register here ONLJ Registration

ONLJ Profiles

We would love to hear from any NLCS Jeju graduates, please get in touch to share your news and updates! 

Click to see their profile!

 (Example image)

Class of 2018 Kenny Lee - The University of Toronto

Class of 2020 Yunsoo Yoon - Cornell University

Sunghyun Shin - University of Tokyo - Graduate Assistant - Geography Teacher

Class of 2021 Jerry Hanbyul Rim - UCLA 


ONLJ Gallery

2022.12.16 ONLJ Reunion - British Embassy

2022.06 Arts Festival Alumni Video

2021.06 Arts Festival

Video Link to 2021 Arts Festival

2021.06 The Wicked 

2019.10 ONLJ Alumni Meet: Global - London

2019.11 ONLJ Alumni Meet: Global - New York

2019.10 ONLJ Alumni Meet: Global - Toronto

2019.10 ONLJ Alumni Meet: Global - Hong Kong

2019.06 Visit for Valedictory

2019.04 Visiting NLCS Jeju

2018.12 ONLJ Alumni Meet: Grand - Seoul

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