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North London Collegiate School Jeju


"The academic music society, Sonitas, is a student led organisation, with several branches, representing a diverse range of musical genres. It provides a platform from which any student with a passion in music can express themselves, regardless of their level of proficiency. It strives to find the hidden talents around the school and give them the spotlight they deserve.

Students involved in Sonitas can benefit in so many ways:
- Rapidly accelerate musicianship in performing, improvising, composing and arranging in ensembles
- Develop social and emotional intelligence in terms of musical expression and working together to create exciting and tangible performances
- Develop organisational and administrative skills through organising rehearsal schedules, room booking, calendar management, technical specifications for sound/light equipment, running and minuting meetings, developing promotional materials like photographs, films and flyers
- Lecture recitals require use of academic resources, including books, articles, academic writing about music and for those students giving lectures - research and presentation skills "

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