History Enrichment Week

October 26, 2023


This week has been filled with interesting history related activities, hosted by our History Department.

We have been treated to debates, including ‘This House regrets the rise of the British Empire’ and ‘This House regrets the dropping of the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945’. Students were also able to take part in games, such as ‘The Chase’ where students pit their knowledge against an expert historian and undertake an historical personality quiz to discover which historical figure matches their personality, as well a Hero and Villains opinion board, a photobooth and an opportunity for students to post their political question with an invitation for comment.

The highlight of every History Enrichment Week is of course the dress up Friday, this year’s theme is ‘great couples’.

Thank you to the History department for such a great week!



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