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North London Collegiate School Jeju


We have changed our Boarding Homes in August 2021 but our inaugural Houses live on and are as strong as ever! Our Senior Houses are Jeoji, Mulchat, Geomun, Noro and Sarah. They all have House colours, student leaders and a dedicated faculty coordinator. These leaders are responsible for House spirit and activity - they inspire each and every student to healthy competition and the regular House tournaments are hard-fought! Peter Scargill is the AVP responsible for House spirit. We rely on the input of our alumni for stories, memories, inspiration and time. We hope that all our graduating classes look back on their House with passion and loyalty - whether they were day or boarding students!

Our Junior Houses emulate the Senior Houses and are Baek Ho, Ju Jak, Hae Tae, Cheong Nyong and Hyeon Mu. Each has a passionate coordinator in one of the Junior School teachers and the students learn and grow through membership of each House.



‘Pride in the Pride’

Jeoji House is named after an Oreum closeby to the School and is depicted by a Lion.  The lion is a symbol of Pride and our motto is ‘Pride in the Pride’. In a pride of lions everyone has a role to play. We have “pride” in each other and in our goal of  being the best. 

We strive to be an inclusive House which creates positive experiences and memories for our students. 

While winning the House cup would be great, our real focus is  upon experiences and opportunities for our young people. We strive in Jeoji to help our students become more rounded people who have developed important social and soft skills which will serve them well wherever they choose to go in the future. 

Jeoji students are competitive, courageous,  kind and caring. We appreciate hard work in ourselves and in our opponents, realising that true effort and determination with a positive mindset makes our School a truly aspirational community where every young person is valued. 

Mr. McKeogh, Head of House, describes Jeoji students as ‘natural born leaders with a proactive and determined approach to everything they do.’ 

Head of House - Mr. Stephen McKeogh

Assistant Head of House-  Ms. April Wilson


‘Non ducor duco; I am not led, I lead’

The Geomun Oreum is one of three sites on Jeju recognised for their outstanding ecological and geological importance. The other two sites are Hallasan and Seongsan Ilchulbong.

Geomun House is equally recognised as an outstanding house within NLCS Jeju. The 2022-23 victory in the House Competition was founded on a sense of commitment and togetherness. Geomuners thrive in a House that develops independence and resilience in a relaxed atmosphere where friendship, loyalty and trust are paramount to our success. We win and lose as one family and are there for each other; celebrating, commiserating and supporting together.

The griffin is our symbol and they are known for guarding treasures and possessions; griffins are protectors. ​In heraldry, the griffin stands for courage, leadership and strength; the perfect symbol for a proud and passionate house. 

Head of House - Mr. Chris Heydinger 

Assistant Head of House-  Ms. Amanda Tranmer 


‘Courage & Passion’

Mulchat House, named for one of the hundreds of oreums across Jeju, is a community of students and staff who strive to be courageous, kind and committed.

The Green Dragons compete together, but, more fundamentally, we support each other in everything we do. Through shared experiences, student agency and a keen focus on our behaviour to one another  we try everyday to be inclusive and welcoming. 

We celebrate courage in all its forms whether it be stepping out on stage, participating in new events or doing the right thing in difficult situations. This is where we believe our strength lies, the gold at the heart of the green.

Like the dragon on our crest Mulchatians are majestic in flight, fierce in the defence of our own and can be very fiery when needed. 

Head of House - Mr. Drew Thomas

Assistant Head of House-  Ms. Fiona McDonnell 


‘The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack’

In Noro House, we pride ourselves on our loyalty and commitment to one another. To that end no animal represents our house spirit and ethos better than the wolf. Through a combination of fearlessness and enthusiasm, every member of the House understands the value of teamwork and its potential to create power beyond the individual. 

Similarly, the place from which we take our name is named after a team of two oreums—Big Noro and Little Noro. Just as one landmark rises up to the other, so do the members of our wolf pack grow from pups to alphas during their time here.

Despite being the youngest House at NLCS Jeju, Noro has seen tremendous success due to the hard work and determination of its members. With a House Cup Victory in 2019 under their belt, Noro went on to lead in 2020 up until the COVID-19 pandemic suspended the competition, however, they came back with another victory in 2022. With full competition schedules back up and running Noro looks forward to once again leading the pack.

Head of House - Ms. Jodie Torrance 

Assistant Head of House-  Mr. Adam Lim 


‘We get better and better’

Our motto, that has been adopted in recent times and this ties in nicely with the phoenix as being the symbol of the House. The way in which last year's Year 10s have stepped into the considerable shoes of the 11s is a symbol of this remarkable regenesis. House competition is part of this, but  belonging to Sarah House means so much more. 

We feel that Sarah House is one where everyone is given the opportunity to build strong and meaningful relationships while at the same time allowing them to find their passion. If there is an opportunity for leading in a positive and meaningful way, then this is actively promoted, while at the same time attempting to care for each and every student. This has been shown through the House leadership structure with the addition of Inclusion Captains that are assigned to each of the year groups in the House. 

Through the spirit of the House, we wish to give every Sarahrian the ability to get better and better and to rise like the phoenix. 

Head of House - Mr. Adam McCue

Assistant Head of House-  Mr. Chris Harris

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