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North London Collegiate School Jeju

Values and Ethos

Our Philosophy  

We are a school that prides itself on the ambitious education we deliver. In part, this is possible due to the inspiration we draw from our mother school, NLCS UK and the important bond that has developed between the two institutions.

We are fortunate that our relationship is genuine and close. We have benefited greatly from NLCS UK carrying out regular inspections and monitoring visits of our school, as well as interviewing and training all our new staff at NLCS UK.

As the school has grown and developed, it is inevitable that we have carved out our own identity and we are proud of how this is emulated in our own aims which, whilst rooted in the pioneering work of NLCS UK, have been adjusted to fit our own sense of what makes for a world class, holistic, international education in Korea. 


A common set of beliefs and values underpin the common and distinctive ethos of all North London Collegiate Schools.  In particular, we hold:

·        A belief in the potential of young people – that we can foster the drive and determination that will enable them to make a difference to the world;

·        A belief that each student is unique, and that it is our responsibility to provide them with “floors, not ceilings” so that we can nurture their individual talents, confidence and self-worth and enable them to “run their own race”;

·        A belief that varied perspectives enrich our schools and wider communities, and that we should embrace, encourage, celebrate and learn from difference and diversity; 

·        A belief that learning is an end in itself and is something to be prized, and that education means much more than following a prescribed examination syllabus;

·        A belief in the transformative power of academic engagement, and that a culture of scholarship should extend beyond the classroom and should permeate the wider life of our schools;

·        A belief that academic study involves a determination not to take things at face value, and that intellectual curiosity and critical inquiry are central to the success of our students in their time at school and in their future lives;

·        A belief in the importance of service to others – of looking outwards, and contributing positively to society and the wider world;

·        A belief in the importance of maintaining a caring and warm community, and nurturing a positive spirit of collaboration in all our interactions.


  1. To provide an exceptional educational experience, based on the traditions, ethos and practices of North London Collegiate School, UK.
  2. To provide an ambitious academic education and to enable each student to make the most of their gifts.
  3. To maintain a team of teachers to whom each student is important and who can inspire subject passion and enthusiasm.
  4. To enable all students to recognise academic excellence and realise that it is attainable.
  5. To create a home where individuals are nurtured and the whole personality can grow.
  6. To foster a caring and respectful community characterised by excellent relationships between staff and students and between the students themselves, of whatever age, culture and background.
  7. To encourage all students to take risks and try something new in an environment which embraces all aspects of educational challenge.
  8. To develop an outward looking, internationally minded, community of young people who have a clear understanding of the value of commitment and service to others.


Our objectives are a more specific embodiment of our aims and represent the specific ways in which our aims will be achieved, related to student outcomes.

    Our students will graduate with exceptional academic skills across a broad range of disciplines. They will have the opportunity to develop a depth of knowledge in areas that they are passionate about and will fully realise their potential.  Our students will be aspirational thinkers who have confidence in their own abilities.
    Our students will leave us with a clear sense of where their passions and interests lie having experienced a wide variety of activities and opportunities outside of our formal curriculum.
    Our students will be prepared for a world with continuously fading borders and where international mindedness is essential.  Our students will be compassionate and have a commitment to serving others.
    Our students will develop a strong set of moral and ethical values that determine how they act and interact with others.
    Our students will not only access leading universities around the world, but they will be equipped with the skills, attitudes and attributes needed to be successful, happy and healthy for the rest of their lives.  
    Our students will leave us as resilient and confident young people who think independently.

Three Pillars

An Exceptional British Education is based on our Three Pillars

  • Academic ethos and excellence

Our students learn from the world renowned British curriculum and their studies culminate in the rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) which is recognised by universities in over 140 countries. They achieve results which put them among the best in the world and give them access to the most prestigious universities. Our ethos is unashamedly academic but this goes beyond examination results with the development of scholarship, taught enrichment, critical thinking and student led academic societies. With highly qualified teachers who inspire our students to discover a love of learning, our students will be challenged to achieve at the highest levels.

We are committed to the diamond model which offers the benefits of a single-sex education whilst at the same time encouraging boys and girls to grow together outside the classroom. From ages 4-11 boys and girls share classrooms; from ages 11 – 16 students are educated separately; and in the Sixth Form they come together again. The best of all worlds, backed up by educational research.

  • Exceptional opportunities beyond  the curriculum

Our unique co-curricular programme is designed to develop characteristics such as leadership, teamwork, risk-taking, commitment and many more. We believe these skills will play a crucial role when students apply to university and this is why we offer a programme with almost 150 different activities and societies to choose from every week. Our sports and arts programmes take advantage of our exceptional facilities to enable students to discover passions for other areas of our curriculum as well as developing both their creativity, health and wellbeing which educationally, we know, contributes to academic success. Service is an essential component of our programme and this is in our community, locally, nationally and internationally.

  • Every child matters with their welfare and wellbeing central for effective learning

Every child matters and each child is unique. Their happiness is crucial and so our pastoral system nurtures each child and supports them through their NLCS Jeju journey. This is all within a framework where Safeguarding is of paramount importance. Students attend the School as day or boarding  students. We believe there are benefits of boarding. Independent studies prove that students who attend boarding school outperform their peers at university. By giving our students responsibility and opportunities for leadership, our boarders become independent and resilient individuals who thrive in tertiary education. Boarding takes a traditionally British approach at NLCS Jeju, with the Boarding Homes providing excellent pastoral care with a supportive, homely environment where students make friends and connections for life. They are also supported pastorally by a dedicated team of Boarding Masters and Boarding Mistresses and assistants as well as emotional guidance counsellors and a team of gap and graduate assistants.

North London Collegiate School Jeju has an ambitious five year plan that aims to establish clear priorities that reflect the vision and shared understanding of the School and its broader community. Our staff are valued as the key agents of improvement. The implementation of these goals is the shared responsibility of all staff members, with the Board of Governors, Senior Team and Leadership Teams of the Junior and Senior Schools taking primary responsibility for leading and monitoring the process.

Inclusion Statement

At North London Collegiate School Jeju, our commitment to inclusion is rooted in the shared NLCS beliefs, values, and aims as well as our unique experiences as an international school in Korea.

All members of our community, staff, students, parents and alumni, work together to create an inclusive environment with a focus on kindness, open mindedness and respect for each other. This prepares our students to contribute positively to a global society, and fosters a sense of commitment and service to others.

We are dedicated to continuously learning and growing as we work towards creating a truly inclusive community that mirrors the world we aspire to build.

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