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North London Collegiate School Jeju

Why choose NLCS Jeju?



The spirit of NLCS Jeju is one of high energy and achievement. Our students combine academic excellence and a deep love of learning with a wealth of co-curricular opportunities, to develop into exceptional individuals who believe that anything is possible.

  • Heritage. Our heritage is long and successful. For over 170 years, NLCS UK has maintained its reputation for providing an exceptional education. We believe this exceptional education is universal and has no borders, and that is why NLCS Jeju has become one of the most prestigious international schools, not only in Korea but also in Asia. Find out more about NLCS UK.
  • Results. Our students learn from the world-renowned British curriculum and their studies culminate in the rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) which is recognised by universities in over 140 countries. They achieve results that put them among the best in the world and give them access to the most prestigious universities. Find out more about our exceptional results.
  • Teaching. We recruit some of the best teachers from around the world; they are highly qualified and inspire our students to discover a love of learning that will last a lifetime. We believe that if students enjoy their time in class, and at school, they will realise their potential. All of our teachers receive additional training from NLCS UK at the London campus.
  • Beyond the classroom. Academic success is vital at NLCS Jeju however, we also aim to give our students other skills to be successful later in life. Our unique co-curricular programme is designed to develop characteristics such as leadership, teamwork, risk-taking, commitment and many more. We believe these skills will play a crucial role when they apply to university and this is why we offer a programme with almost 150 different activities and societies to choose from every week. Find out more about our co-curricular programme.
  • Benefits of Boarding. Independent studies prove that students who attend boarding school outperform their peers at university. By giving our students responsibility and opportunities for leadership, our borders become independent and resilient individuals who thrive in third level education. Boarding takes a traditionally British approach at NLCS Jeju, the Boarding Homes provide excellent pastoral care with a supportive, homely environment where students make friends and connections for life. 
  • Diamond Model. NLCS Jeju offers an exceptional education for boys and girls. We use the diamond model which offers the benefits of a single-sex education while at the same time encouraging boys and girls to grow together outside of the classroom. From ages 4-11 boys and girls share classrooms, from ages 11 – 16 students are educated separately and in the Sixth Form they come together again. The best of all worlds.

Click to see our School Aims and Objectives.


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