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North London Collegiate School Jeju

Student Council

The School Council has been at the core of giving the students of our school a voice since the establishment of NLCS Jeju. The Council consists of two elected representatives from each year group in the Senior School, male and female, solely based on the votes of the students. They are students who the student body believes would best represent them and their opinions to the administrative staff. Members of the Council feel honoured to hold a place in this prestigious group and maintain a great sense of responsibility for their role.

Every half-term, the Council members from each year group hold Student Voice sessions, an opportunity for students to formally share their opinions on various aspects of school life. The Council collects these suggestions and works to provide the optimum experience for the students. Many issues have been challenged by the Council ranging from the quality of the cafeteria food to the school’s Merit system. Although the work is not easy, every year many students run for a position in the Council because of the significance of the work in promoting the opinions of the student body of NLCS Jeju.


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