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North London Collegiate School Jeju

Art & Design

The world is a visual and tactile place – although we learn to interpret our world using words and language, it’s images and forms that help us to visualise human experience, dreams and ambitions. Learning about Art and Design enables students to understand and respond to the world in different ways. It teaches students to process ideas and take intelligent risks.  Most importantly, it enables students to express themselves, their feelings and ideas in a creative and uninhibited way. Art and Design offers a joyous and fulfilling experience in its own right. It is as vital that students learn how to use and exercise the creative, visual part of their brain as it is for all areas of learning. 

Our students are taught to respond to and interpret visual imagery from experience, imagination and observation using a broad range of exciting and challenging materials, including wet and dry media, 3D and digital work. They explore the formal elements of Art and Design [line, shape, form, structure, tone, texture, colour, pattern, space, composition]; and are also provided a gateway to learn about people and cultures across our global community. Art and Design is taught to all our students until the end of year 9, when they may select to continue to IGCSE and then as part of their International Baccalaureate in years 12 and 13. The school offers a rich Art and Design co-curricular programme, enabling students to further develop their ideas in the context of the fields of Fashion, Architecture, Animation, Design and Fine Art.

Our school is blessed with superb art and design facilities, including a digital art suite, printing and textiles rooms and a ceramic kiln. We have a rich selection of exhibition spaces and work is shown and celebrated across our school.


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