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North London Collegiate School Jeju

Physical Education

The mission of the Physical Education Department at NLCS Jeju is to provide an exciting myriad of physical activities designed to inspire lifelong health and wellness in every student. Through a secure and stimulating personal growth climate, we strive to fully nurture pupils’ physical fundamentals in conjunction with their concurrent academic and social development.

Participants are encouraged to try new endeavours both individually and in team settings, facilitating well-rounded active scholars competent and inclusive in teamwork, gamesmanship, integrity, and the dynamic cooperation that is fostered intrinsically through athletics.

From football to basketball, rugby to netball, cricket to table tennis, swimming to water polo, our uniquely comprehensive programme of sports, group participation, and individual leadership is designed to help motivate and empower each individual to achieve their utmost potential whether it be focused on a CAS project, squad trial, or ultimately lifelong personal fitness.

Our expansive curriculum furnishes students with a wealth of experiences that aid pupils in realizing their passion, which is further enhanced through our multifaceted CCA program. Participants are challenged by an assortment of training and fixtures including local, national and international competitions. These milestones are vitally important in shaping our NLCS Jeju ambassadors to become true global citizens.

While the classroom and general academic setting are invaluable to student growth and success, self-esteem, sportsmanship, and physical competence are best learned not behind a desk, but out on the pitch!

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