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North London Collegiate School Jeju

Politics, Philosophy and Economics

The department aims to develop students who have a life long interest in the subjects offered by the department, and the ability to apply economic and philosophical ideas in later life as active citizens in the communities they find themselves in.

Students are encouraged to be intellectually curious about economics and philosophy, who are encouraged to become independent enquirers based on strong subject foundations.

The department prepares students for the IB courses in Economics and Philosophy at both Standard and Higher level. Students will undertake a rigorous study emphasizing the acquisition of knowledge, appropriate application of theory and data, thorough analysis of propositions and reaching a supported and justified evaluation of ideas, propositions, and concepts.

The department encourages students to develop a very strong subject basis, not only for the investigation of relevant ideas but also in preparation for university courses. The department sees the subjects studied at either level to be relevant to a wide range of university courses. Students are encouraged to develop ideas in a synoptic fashion and to look for wider links from economics and philosophy.

Students are encouraged to become reflective learners, reflecting on their written work and developing the confidence to be self-critical.

The department encourages students to take the lead in their own learning, inside and outside the classroom. They will be given opportunities to be fully engaged in related co-curricular activities, lectures, reading and subject related societies.

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