Chemistry Practical Day

4 月 12, 2024



Last week our Chemistry labs were a hive of activity, throughout the day a number of practical sessions took place focusing on equipping our students with the tool kit to tackle Paper 6. These skills included data analysis, application of knowledge, logical and critical thinking. These are all highly valued skills for IB chemistry students. 

The purpose of the day was. to build confidence in tackling Paper 6 in all the students in the Yr11 cohort, as well as extending our top performers, whilst supporting those who need additional consolidation.

Ms. Coughlan asked her final group of the day what they had thought of the carousel of activities: 

“I am delighted to report that the response was overwhelmingly positive. The students felt they would be more successful in their exams. Most importantly, they had learnt new things, consolidated skills and had fun doing it! I am grateful to work with such a great team of educators.”



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