NLCS Jeju를 선택하는 이유 재학생뿐만 아니라 교직원에게도 탁월한
선택지, NLCS Jeju

We are an ambitious and forward looking School, with a warm, inspiring and welcoming community, with all staff working together to provide the best education, pastoral care and co-curricular opportunities for all our students.

At NLCS Jeju all staff matter, whether you are a faculty member or a member of one of the support departments.

We are looking for experienced and talented professionals, who have a passion for supporting a child’s education. In return we offer significant personal and professional development opportunities.

I am delighted you are considering a career at NLCS Jeju.


Lynne Oldfield  

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2023 World’s Best School Award 최종 Top10 후보


세계 70위권 IB 학교

식스폼 & IB

2023 ISA 세이프가딩(학생안전보호) 부문 수상



NLCS Jeju는 아동 및 청소년의 웰빙을 보호하고 증진하는 데 전념합니다. 교원 및 행정직원(이하 ‘교직원’), 자원봉사자 등 모두는 학생안전보호(세이프가딩)를 위한 노력에 동참해야 합니다. 채용하는 모든 직책은 레퍼런스를 비롯하여, 지원자가 그동안 근무했거나 거주했던 국가별 범죄경력조회를 진행합니다. 보다 자세한 사항은 아래 링크된 관련 정책을 참조 부탁드립니다.

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NLCS Jeju doesn’t expect children to have outcomes from every experience. Instead they look for happiness and satisfaction.

Parent, Year 5 Girl

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Jeju-Picture by Sharon Kennington