All students will be assessed for suitability to attend NLCS Jeju. We must ensure that The School is the right fit for your child and that your child will be happy and settle well at school.

Students must be registered at least three weeks prior to their chosen Assessment Day. Our Assessment Days are allocated on a first come first served basis. Optional group tours are also available on the day of assessment at 2pm.

Once all assessment elements are complete for your child we will endeavour to inform you of the decision as soon as possible, though we ask that you allow for up to three weeks to receive the outcome email.

If a student’s assessments take place on more than one day, the first part of their assessment will be reviewed and on occasion students may be told they cannot proceed to the second part of the assessment due to the outcome of the first part. This is to avoid unnecessary continuation of assessment for students who will not receive an offer.


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