With professional standard Dance Studios on campus and experienced and talented Dance Teachers our students are invited to explore the world of movement and dance.

All Dance genres are available to our students, including ballet, contemporary and jazz, as well as opportunities to learn dance choreography.

Our talented dance students perform throughout the year and support and work closely with our Drama and Music departments to bring whole school productions to life on stage for the community to enjoy.

“The Dance Department is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creative and contemporary dance while concurrently fostering students’ understanding and appreciation of a diverse range of dance styles. Our inclusive approach welcomes all students across the school to engage in dance. The program is built upon the principle of offering a wide range of opportunities, fostering self-discovery, and empowering students to embrace appropriate risks as they explore their capabilities. Our deliberately varied program not only cultivates success within the classroom but also nurtures leadership, decision making, critical and creative thinking, aesthetic sensitivity and the ability to cooperate with others.”

Stella Taylor
Head of Dance

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