The Bryant Programme

Our students (Year 3 and above) take part in Bryant on a number of Saturdays throughout the year.

With over 100 Bryant activities to choose from, there really is something for everyone.

Activities include: Basketball, Kayaking, Biking, Rugby, Dance, Photography, Orchestra, Sewing & Fashion, Webtoon Animation, Dog Shelter (and many other Community Service Bryants), Drumline, Olle Walks & Clean Up, Cool Science, Fascinating Physicists, Computer Coding, Fishing, Mural Painting, Baking, MUN and many more…

A dedicated Bryant team coordinates the activities which are run by teachers and outside professional providers, either on or off campus.

Bryants provide a rich depth of experience for all our students, who can select different Bryants each term to diversify their skills or search for their passion.


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