International Students

NLCS Jeju welcomes students from around the world.

Why study at a British School located outside of the UK?

  • Korea may be closer to your home country, friends and family
  • Relocating to Korea may be more cost effective than the UK
  • All lessons and co-curricular activities are in English
  • Excellent Boarding Facilities – a home away from home
  • Two wonderful experiences are combined to create a unique opportunity for students – A British Curriculum plus an immersive Korean Culture experience
  • Make friends from around the world
  • Learn Korean in Korea
How to apply accordion-plus

All international students apply the same way as Korean students

  • You do not need to use a recruitment agent, we will guide you through the process

You are not expected to travel to South Korea for your exams or interview, these will be arranged online or at your current school

If you receive an offer we will support a visa application (all non-Korean passport holders will need their visa to study in South Korea or be a dependant on a parent’s Korean work or residency visa)

  • Most visa applications can be completed in your home country at your local Korean Embassy
  • A small number of students with certain nationalities will need to submit documents to NLCS Jeju to allow for a visa application to be started in South Korea


Hear what it’s like to be an international student accordion-plus

Home City: HONG KONG
Year Group: Y10
Day or boarding: Day






Why did you choose NLCS Jeju?
I chose NLCS Jeju in the beginning as I joined in year 4. Starting off I just really liked the location itself, with all the greenery around you, it lightens up your mood and feelings. After getting the chance to tour around our School I found the three floored library astonishing and the atmosphere around school so welcoming.

What do you like most about NLCS Jeju?
If I had to pick what I liked the most about our School, it would have to be the opportunities that we are offered to go participate in competitions representing our School. From the small ‘friendly’ matches we have with the other international schools in Jeju to the yearly FOBISIA, they are all so fascinating and are like the icing on the cake to our daily school lifes.

What is it like to live in Jeju?
Life in Jeju has its pros and cons. It is not as busy or noisy as Seoul or Busan, however that also means at night you won’t have to listen to the beeping of cars ruining your sleep. Jeju is like a meditation place, just listening to the waves lapping onto the sands of the beaches takes away all the worries of the day.

What are your future plans?
I like taking things one step at a time. The future plans for me so far is to get a decent score in my IGCSEs, then worry about the others. There are different things and burdens to come across in different stages in life. Doing one thing and doing it to your greatest is better than doing ten things, but all of them are not done to your full potential. Our School also has teachers assigned to each student starting from year 10 to guide them if they ever feel lost or unsure of what to do.