Junior School

Our Junior School is a colourful, warm, welcoming and inspiring place for students to explore and learn.


First School

Students in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are taught in our First School. Here they will learn how to become curious, confident and independent learners. A team of qualified teachers and Learning Assistants will nurture the child and help them to find their passions, in and out of the classroom, whilst navigating a busy school life.

Classrooms are large and play areas are interactive and inspiring. A school within a school, the First School has its own Library, Auditorium, computer science labs, art rooms and music areas.

For many students English is their second language. Teachers encourage students to transition to using English in all areas of learning and play, whilst maintaining a fluency with their mother tongue.

Students are introduced to key subjects such as Maths, English, Science, Languages, Music, Art, Dance, Drama and Humanities.

Very quickly our younger students find a love for learning.


“It is a great privilege to be Head of Junior School at NLCS Jeju. In recent years we have undergone considerable growth but we have strived to and successfully maintained the family atmosphere and community cohesion for which we are well known. We are an academic school but we prioritise holistic development and a caring atmosphere based on our Learning Habits. This year we have added Kindness to our Learning Habits; we emphasise kindness in all our actions with each other. Inspections have regularly referred to our ‘excellent pastoral care’ for which we are very proud; but year on year we continue to review and improve all our systems and processes for looking after children and ensuring their overall progress continues to be outstanding.”


Jeremy Freeman
Head of Junior School

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Lower School

As students progress through the School the surroundings adapt to their changing needs. Our Lower School, like the First School, is bright and airy, with its own larger facilities including a large auditorium and well stocked Library.

Our Lower School is home to students in Year 3 to Year 6.

A greater emphasis is placed on academic achievement and students are introduced to more subject matter, all following a traditional British curriculum. They are encouraged to become more independent with their learning and to delve deeper into subject areas.

Outside of the classroom there are many opportunities for leadership and personal skill development.

In Years 5 and 6 students are taught by subject specialists, this provides a greater understanding of a subject area and prepares them for Senior School where all lessons are subject specific.

Following on from the First School, students will continue to learn Maths, English, Science, Languages, Music, Art, Dance, Drama and Humanities.

Students in Year 5 and 6 also have the opportunity to live on campus in one of our boarding homes.

A love of learning starts in our Junior School.

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Our School


Top 70 IB School


150+ co-curricular activities available


Top 10 finalist World’s Best School Award 2023

Senior School

A love of learning continues in our Senior School

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