Our desire to stimulate academic curiosity and inspire a love of subject drives every element of teaching and learning within the English Department at NLCS Jeju.

Lessons are characterised by diverse and innovative activities that aim to nurture an atmosphere of active engagement and interest on behalf of the students and staff alike.

As a department, we believe that the study of literature and language is a powerful tool that allows us to appreciate and understand the full extent of human experience, emotion and intellect. Text and topic choices are both demanding and thought provoking and are used to explore complex and challenging concepts.

Developing learners who are confident and impressive communicators is recognised as one of our most fundamental goals and, as such, our programme of study is enriched with opportunities for students to cultivate their spoken and written expression within a creative and academic framework.

Language is the primary vehicle through which we interact with people and the world around us, making it crucial for students at NLCS Jeju to become skilled in recognising and harnessing its power to influence others and convey meaning.

English at NLCS Jeju helps the school to fulfill its aims of producing independent and academic inquirers. It fosters reflective and critical skills, ultimately equipping students with the ability to not only empathise with, and evaluate the world around them, but to be able to shape it positively in the future.