The world and its job markets are increasingly a place of creative thinkers, where the ability to work collaboratively and to think laterally and literally are actively encouraged.

Through the study of Drama, which is taught at NLCS Jeju from Year 7 through to IGCSE, and then Theatre Studies at IB, we are cultivating the students’ ability to come up with creative ideas and then express these coherently and confidently.

Our students develop an understanding of Drama through practical and theoretical study, enabling students to realise the performance possibilities of text and other stimuli.

We study a vast array of dramatic forms and structures to communicate feelings, themes and ideas to an audience. This is done both individually and working collaboratively with others.

Throughout the course, from Year 7-13, we develop in the students an understanding of the processes leading to performance and the elements involved in creating a performance. Whilst they engage with Drama and Theatre, they are also fostering self-esteem and self-confidence, inventiveness and spontaneity, persistence, subtlety, openness, tolerance and natural understanding.

The Drama curriculum places the student at the center of the process developing personal and inter-personal skills through a practical engagement with a broad range of stimuli, text, practices and performance theory. Students are stimulated to reflect on their personal development and to make connections, through their class work, between their world and local, national and international contexts. Students are encouraged to be independent learners, especially at IB, leading each other through an exciting learning process.

Most importantly, we foster a passion for the subject, both in the lessons and through a variety of Co-Curricular Activities that make use of the state of the art facilities that we have here at NLCS Jeju, from our West End/Broadway proportion Performing Arts Centre and our large flexible Drama Studio spaces.

In these spaces, you will always see students eagerly working on a project either of their own or being directed in one of the large-scale productions for which the school has become renowned.