Academic Scholarship An ambitious education that removes barriers, embraces challenge and inspires a passion and enthusiasm for learning.



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A*-B – IGCSE Results 2023

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One of the Three Pillars of NLCS Jeju is Academic Scholarship. This starts by building the foundations in Reception and continues throughout the student’s journey at NLCS Jeju.

We provide everything a student needs, from highly qualified and passionate teachers, to state of the art facilities and award winning pastoral support to ensure that all our students find their own path and can achieve their goals and vision for the future.

Following a diamond model of education, students are taught in co-ed classes from Reception to Year 6, single sex classes in Year 7 to Year 11 and co-ed classes again in Sixth Form (Year 12 and 13).

At all times the curriculum at NLCS Jeju seeks to challenge, enthuse, and interest our students. We believe that the curriculum subjects have the power to fascinate young people. Lesson content is up to date, based on the latest discoveries and understanding in each field. The stories behind the knowledge are explored and subjects are brought to life that capture a student’s imagination. We aim to engender students who have a passion for the subjects that they study and are motivated to learn through this passion.

As a parent, I have witnessed firsthand the unwavering commitment of NLCS Jeju to academic excellence, holistic development, and fostering a global perspective


I am well aware of the excellent curriculum of NLCS Jeju and, above all, the advantages of living in a well-managed and cared-for dormitory through many after-school activities and guidance teachers

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Junior School

Our Junior School is a colourful, warm and welcoming

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