Physics is about observing and understanding the laws of nature. It is an endlessly rewarding study, and our teachers’ mission is to pass on to students our enthusiasm for its scope, interest and sheer power to open minds.

The NLCS Jeju physics curriculum is broad and challenging. There is a spiral structure to much of what we study, whereby topics such as forces, waves and electricity are met every couple of years and carried to greater depth and detail each time. Atomic physics and radioactivity, on the other hand, are introduced for the first time at IGCSE level, and there are some areas such as fields and quantum physics met only by IB students.

We ensure that students in every year group have plenty of opportunities to carry out hands-on practical work, including the designing and evaluation of experiments; and the links between experiment and theory are carefully emphasized. We try to instill into all students, whether they wish to study physics beyond school level or not, an understanding of how theoretical and experimental work in physics complement each other – now and in history – and thus contribute to progress.