With a dedicated Junior and Senior School art Department, students are introduced to a range of art techniques from Reception onwards.

Students are encouraged to explore different art forms and find their passion for creativity.

As well as forming part of the curriculum, our students have opportunities to take part in art outside of the classroom, through House Competitions, CCA and Bryant.

A number of our students select Art for their IGCSE and IBDP studies, securing offers at prestigious art colleges around the world.

Each year the School arranges a number of Art Exhibitions, which are open to all students and parents and are a great way for students to showcase their work.

Whether a student has a passion for abstract art, sculpture, painting, architecture, photography, drawing, contemporary art or other art forms – our well equipped and spacious art workshops and classrooms provide everything that is needed to hone a students talent.

“The Arts are a major part of school life at NLCS Jeju. All students have opportunities to explore their creativity and discover their passion for Art. Fostering nurturing and trusting relationships with our Visual Arts students is integral to creating a safe zone where students learn, through their practice, to express their thoughts and feelings on the world which surrounds them. Positive relationships are a key quality of NLCS Jeju which makes this a very special learning environment, with many alumni choosing to keep in touch, sharing their artistic journeys through university and across their careers.”

Sharon Kennington
Head of Art

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