Junior School

Pastoral Care

Our Class/Tutor teachers are assisted by Learning Assistants and Year Leads to ensure students are supported through their learning and development.

The Junior School focuses on a collaborative approach to wellbeing, with clear learning habits that not only support the students but give ownership to them to have their own positive impact on the community.



“Pastoral care at school is not just important; it is the foundation upon which a child’s growth and development thrive. It is in this care that we see the true beauty of what students are capable of, for they are resilient, curious and have endless potential.”

Richard Washington
Deputy Head Junior School (Pastoral)


We actively promote creativity in our students, encouraging them to try new things, not be afraid of challenges and to think outside the box.


Critical thinkers

We encourage critical and creative thinking skills to develop reasoned thoughts and viewpoints.



We promote risk taking within and outside of the classroom, the willingness to try things out and push ourselves to greater levels


We appreciate our own culture and history as well as the values and traditions of others. We understand there are different points of view and we grow from varied experiences.



Children develop as unique individuals; this requires determination and endeavour combined with fun and enjoyment. Resilience is a key value to a successful life and high achievement.



NLCS Jeju students should appreciate others’ efforts and achievements. In the classroom, the art and music departments, within sport and during House competitions and during assemblies. Empathy towards others is a vital component of positive behaviour.



We act with integrity and honesty in all we do. We take responsibility for our actions and their consequences and have respect for others at all times.



Students are encouraged to be the ‘i’ in Kind and always act with kindness to themselves and each other.



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Pastoral Care

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