Parent Representative Group (PRG)

The PRG is an independent, voluntary organisation which was formed to facilitate communication between school and parents for the development and success of NLCS Jeju and is coordinated and managed by the parents themselves.

School places great value on its relationship with the PRG and recognises the positive contribution that it makes to our school community. There are regular termly meetings between the PRG and the Principal and her Senior Team. Within these meetings the PRG members raise concerns, debate developments and listen to explanations and reasoning behind leadership decisions. These are positive collaborations that really help the success of the entire community.

Each year the PRG elects an executive committee based on PRG regulations to oversee the operation of the PRG and its current members consist of year group representatives:



PRG Chair – Ms. Yoonhee Choi (Parent of Year 12 – Alexa)

PRG Vice Chair – Ms. Seunghyun Lee (Parent of Year 11 – Kellyn)

JS Chair – Ms. Hajung Lee (Parent of Year 5 – Ryan)

FS Vice Chair – Ms. Joyce Lee (Parent of Year 2 – Royce)

LS Vice Chair – Mr. Hyun Kim (Parent of Year 3 – Seryoung)

CPC Chair – Ms. Li Qian (Parent of Year 4 – Liam)

SS Chair of Food Committee – Ms. Sook Hyun Bang (Parent of Year 13 – Sungbin)

JS Chair of Food Committee – Ms Minjoo Jung (Parent of Year 6 – Yewon)


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