Beyond the Curriculum Broad experiences and opportunities beyond the curriculum develop individual passions and character, enabling students to become resilient, able and confident.

“NLCS Jeju is a School that truly values life Beyond the Classroom, where the passion and dedication from all staff ensure every student is involved in their preferred activities. Students thrive on all of the extra activities on offer to them throughout the week, with the depth and variety of these activities being what truly separates NLCS Jeju from all other Schools!”


Doug Machin
Assistant Vice Principal (Beyond the Curriculum)

At NLCS Jeju we strongly believe in the importance of providing our students with an opportunity to experience a range of activities outside of the classroom.

We encourage students to try something new and take opportunities to discover their passions. As well as helping them grow and develop, it’s these additional skills, passions and interests that the world’s best universities look for when selecting their students.

Not only are we looking to their future, the benefits are instant:

  • Improving physical fitness and health
  • Improving mental health and wellbeing
  • Developing soft skills – such as leadership, teamwork, critical thinking and communication
  • Helping our students to become more independent
  • Community building
  • Happiness and joy….

Sophie Bryant

Happy students with many interests have a greater capacity for learning!

This ethos was embedded in our culture by our founder, Frances Mary Buss and furthermore by Sophie Bryant – our Saturday Bryant namesake.

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