Since the first mathematical thinkers struggled with the concept of counting fifty-thousand years ago the subject has developed in richness and diversity.

Mathematics is a universal language, sometimes created, other times discovered, but always finding an application.

The aims of the mathematics department are to:

  • Inspire each student to discover their own passion for exploring the subject;
  • Support individual students in developing a sound understanding of the curriculum;
  • Provide ample opportunities for students to practice and improve their use of academic English in the context of the subject;
  • Encourage students to identify and develop the links between mathematical topics, the applications of mathematics within other subjects and mathematics beyond the curriculum;
  • equip and guide students towards becoming independent learners, responsible for their own learning and capable of retaining knowledge and understanding over time.

We aim to achieve this by providing inspirational teaching and engaging in ongoing, effective assessment that identifies individual students’ learning needs and informs subsequent planning, support and intervention.

The intended outcome is for all students to develop into considerate mathematical thinkers who have the confidence to tackle problems, describe their approaches, and justify their solutions.