Dance is a vibrant and stimulating subject that integrates physical and intellectual knowledge. The dance department at NLCS Jeju is a thriving department with a wide variety of opportunities for our students to develop their skills, confidence and critical thinking.

The breadth of the dance programme reflects the outstanding achievements and talents of our students. It also recognises that first and foremost, in addition to being a rigorous and physically exciting discipline, more importantly it allows the individual to build their creativity, aesthetic and social development.

Dance is taught through performance, appreciation and choreography. This combination means that students not only have to work hard physically but they also need to create, solve problems and work together to compose dance ideas. Dance is taught to all our students until the end of year 9, when they may select to continue to GCSE level.

We focus primarily on contemporary dance whilst also exploring aspects of ballet, street dance, capoeira and lindy hop. Students also get the opportunity to study different professional dance works and choreographers.

Performance opportunities in dance are incredibly important to build students confidence, to give them a goal to work towards and to provide a creative challenge for them to enjoy. The Dance Department aims to showcase as much student work as possible via curriculum, co curricular and student led activities. When opportunities arise we enjoy collaborating with other departments in the Arts faculty. We have had a variety of visiting professional artists visiting the school to work on projects with students as part of our yearly Arts festival.