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“There is no better time to join NLCS Jeju. We warmly welcome you to discover more about what we can offer your child. Our expert team is on hand to guide you through the Admissions process and we hope that you and your child will join our thriving community soon.”


We are delighted that you are considering NLCS Jeju for your son or daughter. Selecting the right school for your child is an important decision and the Admissions team is on hand to guide you through the application process.

We look forward to getting to know you and your child and hope to welcome you all to the NLCS Jeju family.

We welcome applications from students from Korea and the rest of the world. There are no restrictions on the number of nationalities we can enrol. All applicants will go through the same application process.

Special Student Selection Criteria accordion-plus

As part of the Establishment and Operation of International Schools in Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, NLCS Jeju accepts applications from applicants who wish to be considered for a place at NLCS Jeju under Article 20. Applicants should inform the Admissions Team that they wish to be considered under Article 20 at the point of enquiry. All applicants will follow the same assessment process as those not applying under Article 20. Up to 24 places are available for students under Article 20, please contact the Admissions Team to determine which years groups have available places. Whether or not a student is admitted under Article 20 will be at the discretion of a committee. Full details can be found in the Admissions Policy.

Article 20 (Special Cases in student selection, etc.) ① The head of a school may allow a student subject to the special cases in paragraph (2) to be admitted through extra-quota admission (including to re-admit and transfer), as determined by the rules of the school within the scope of the following paragraphs. <Amended 15 Jan 2016, 9 Jan 2017>

1. National Public international schools (including the schools established by an entity referred and prescribed in Paragraph (2) of Article 227 of JEJU SPECIAL ACT: 5% of the quota

2. International schools established by an international school foundation: within the scope as determined by the head of a school

② Students eligible for ″special cases″ of paragraph (1) shall be as follows: <Amended 9 August 2013, 9 Jan 2017>

1. A person who has resided for 3 years or longer in Jeju Self-Governing Province or a person who has been on roll at a school located in Jeju Self-Governing Province for 2 years or more;

2. A child whose parent work for the public institution which is relocated to Jeju innovation city as per Special act on construction and support of innovation cities following the relocation of public institutions.


Admissions Process


1 – Apply

When to apply – 2024/25 Academic Year

Year GroupEntry pointStatus
Reception, Year 1, Year 2August 2024Open – apply today
Years 3 to 10, and Year 12 August 2024Open – apply today


2 – Assessments and review of documentation

Students will undertake a variety of assessments for their year of entry, during this process the Admissions team will collect and review all documentation required.

3 – Offer and Acceptance

Following the assessment, all data will be shared with the Principal and NLCS International in order to make a decision on whether or not your child can receive an offer.

4 – Enrolment

Once offers are made and accepted, the Admissions Team will guide you through the enrolment process to prepare you for the start of term.

“The school attaches great importance to the balanced development of children’s wellbeing and academic development, laying a solid foundation for children’s future learning.”

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The school’s dedication to cultivating well-rounded individuals is evident in its rich extracurricular programs and emphasis on character building.

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