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North London Collegiate School Jeju

Pastoral Care

Exceptional Pastoral Care for each student is one of the three pillars of NLCS Jeju. 

At NLCS Jeju this is a true community endeavour. Our experienced and qualified teaching and non-teaching staff, alongside our parents, ensure that every child matters and we work hard to provide an environment for all students to feel safe, nurtured and happy. 

We believe that happy, healthy students will thrive in all areas of their lives; academically and socially. 

Parents as Partners

Working with Parents we ensure that we provide the best opportunities for their children and our students. This is achieved by hosting a number of Parents as Partners workshops each term, as well as House and Boarding Home coffee mornings and afternoon teas. In our Junior School, as well as Parents as Partners we arrange a number of meet the teacher sessions too.

Student Focused

The student is at the centre of a strong pastoral network. Everything we do is for the best interests of our students. All members of staff have a pastoral responsibility. Students are cared for in every aspect of their lives, both academically and emotionally. 

Following a traditional tutor and house system, students have regular contact with their tutor and have access to the class teachers, subject teachers and Head of House teams - there is always someone available to provide support and guidance. Students in boarding will also have access to a team of professional boarding staff and from Year 9 onwards, students will have regular contact with our University Guidance Team.

Additional Support

Emotional Guidance Team

All students have access to a team of qualified and experienced Emotional Guidance Counsellors - students can make one to one appointments to discuss any topic that they may need support with or if they just need to talk something through with someone privately. 

Learning Support

For students who have additional needs, there is a team of dedicated education support professionals who ensure all our students can access the curriculum fully and have the skills and tools to succeed and meet their goals. 

Medical Centre 

Our Medical centre operates 24/7, with four qualified nurses living on campus. Our nurses are committed to providing care to all our students. Supporting students with regular medication and assisting in case of emergencies. 


Throughout the students' time at NLCS Jeju, our pastoral care team will work hard to educate students and parents on how to best maintain a students wellbeing. This will include workshops and information related to healthy eating, exercise, electronic usage and other ways to ensure a study-life-balance. 

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