Internet Safety Class

December 3, 2023


“Internet safety is a very important part of the computer science curriculum in the Junior School.

From as young as Y1 and all the way up to Y6 each and every child learns the importance of using the computer and the internet safely. Currently in Y6, the students have spent the last few weeks planning and creating an online quiz all about internet safety, specifically aimed at Y1&Y2. Y6 had to think carefully about the questions and adapt the language so that it was appropriate to make sure that younger children could access the content.

I have been delighted with the outcome and the Y6 children have been pleasantly surprised that the Y1&Y2 children are as knowledgeable as they are about internet safety. This has been an excellent collaboration between the oldest and youngest children in the school with both sets of children gaining a positive experience and further embedding their knowledge about internet safety. Please visit the Junior School Internet Safety blog to get some tips and advice on how you can help our children stay safe when using the computer or devices.”

Mr. Smithson
Head of Junior School Computer Science





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