March 8, 2024

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During the Enrichment Week it was our honour and pleasure to welcome Yoon Kun Kim to our campus.

Students had the opportunity to listen to Mr. Kim’s inspirational story and ask questions.

Mr. Kim served South Korea in the Marine Corps under the Blue Dragon Unit. During the Vietnam War in 1968, Mr.  Kim gained a serious injury and had both legs amputated. Due to his injuries he was discharged from military service and began a long rehabilitation process.

During the recovery phase, Mr. Kim demonstrated a huge amount of resilience, courage and belief. He wanted to represent his country again, but this time it would be in a different way.

Mr. Kim found a passion for cycling and attended the Invictus games, and went on to represent South Korea and competed at many high level, global sporting events for individual road cycling and lawnball, winning many championships across the world.

Thank you Mr. Kim for your time and generosity.

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