Blood Donation

December 3, 2023


We are excited to confirm that the third blood donation day is taking place on Saturday 9 December.

Well done to the ABO Supporters for keeping the momentum going! We hope lots of people donate and if they cannot donate, we hope they’ll volunteer as supervisors to support this wonderful event.

Who are the ABO Supporters?
“ABO stands for the 4 different blood types – A, B, AB and O. The group ‘ABO Supporters’ was established to explore ways to proliferate blood donation practices and raise awareness for blood donation. Carrying forward from our inaugural Blood Donation Drive initiated by one of our students, our team was selected as the 9th Red Campaigner by the Korean Red Cross. As one of the high school representatives to advocate for blood donation culture, we look forward to hosting further enriching events to extend accessibility and share our interests.”

ABO stands for the 4 different blood types – A, B, AB and O

Who can donate?

  • Students in Year 11 or above (16+)
  • Staff and their families (16+)

Before you sign up it is important to check if you are allowed to donate – the rules in Korea are quite strict. If you are not sure, please ask.

Link to English guidelines
Link to Korean guidelines

Can’t donate blood? Donate time instead!
For the event to take place, we require two members of staff to be present throughout the day. If you would like to supervise for an hour (or more), please email Ms. Prichard –

Did you know – not only are you saving lives all our donors receive the following:

  • ABO custom-designed tumbler
  • Snacks provided by the Korean Red Cross
  • One of the choices below:
    ₩ 5,000 Cultural Gift Card
    Donation to the Red Cross
    Jeju Megabox Movie Ticket
    ₩ 5,000 Olive Young Coupon
    Starbucks Coupon
    McDonald’s Hamburger Exchange Coupon
    Nail Clipper Set
    ₩ 5,000 Convenience Store Coupon (CU or Emart)
    Gift card (Lotteria, Angelinus, Krispy Kreme, Ple:eating)




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